Who We Are

The Maritime Arbitration Association of the United States is the national organization of the maritime community for alternative dispute resolution.

As a nonprofit organization, the MAA provides information about maritime dispute resolution to the public, arranges professional education and training for neutrals, and administers the resolution of maritime disputes through mediation, arbitration and other out-of-court methods for settlement.

The MAA emphasizes the importance of resolving maritime disputes privately in appropriate U.S. venues. We help the parties avoid costly proceedings in the public court systems, or arbitral proceedings in distant cities or foreign lands. We provide a forum to hear disputes, an efficient and fair method of case administration, and specialized rules and procedures for maritime matters. Since maritime disputes often cross international and state borders we offer venues in major cities and ports across the United States.

The MAA is the only national alternative dispute resolution organization whose arbitrators and mediators are all required to know maritime law. They are experienced maritime lawyers who have been peer-reviewed to ensure they adhere to the highest professional standards of ethics, impartiality and competence. The application of maritime law is the most predictable, fair and efficient way to resolve disputes in this specialized field.

The MAA helps the maritime community avoid overcrowded court dockets, complex rules of procedure, high legal fees and unpredictable juries. We help resolve maritime disputes in a prompt, efficient and fair manner--entirely out-of-court.