Fees & Costs

Alternative dispute resolution generally costs less than litigation because it is more efficient. As a nonprofit organization, the MAA only charges fees sufficient to cover its costs.

A nonrefundable filing fee is due when a party files an arbitration claim, counterclaim, or additional claim, or when a party requests mediation. Typically the filing fee for disputes arising under a contract containing an arbitration clause is $750, although it is reduced for certain consumer arbitrations. The filing fee for an agreement to arbitrate a dispute made after the dispute has arisen $750. The filing fee for mediation is $250.

In addition to the filing fee, the parties are required to pay the costs and expenses of the arbitrator or mediator. An hourly or daily rate is charged plus their expenses. The MAA provides the current rates of arbitrators and mediators to the parties before they make their selections. The total cost depends on the complexity of the case and the time required for the proceedings.

MAA arbitrators and mediators work efficiently because they know maritime law. We are the only ADR organization that requires arbitrators and mediators to be maritime lawyers.